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SmartAdvances: 2022 Review

Smart Advances was designed to help you request the loan you need, for any reason!

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Our bottom line:
If you’re able to meet the qualifications for an interest rate that’s on the lower end, this is a versatile, flexible loan. This is a great option to do things like consolidating higher-interest credit card debt into a single, lower-interest monthly payment.

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Nuts and Bolts:

If you have a regular income, are 18 years or older, and are a US citizen with a valid Social Security number, this is a solid loan to apply for. It only takes a couple of moments to apply, and within about 2 minutes you’ll know if you’re approved. To make things even better, you can have your money rather quickly– often as quickly as 24 hours.

More Details:

Smart Advances accepts personal loan applications from consumers just like you who are looking to borrow money for various reasons. The amount is anywhere from $100 – $20,000, and the loans can be used for whatever you might need from the consolidation of credit card (or other debt), to home and auto repairs– or anything else. 

The loan amount, loan terms, fees, APR, repayment period, and other details are going to depend on your credit history. You’ll repay the loan in monthly installments (and you can actually pay it off ahead of schedule). Having a fixed monthly payment can also be easier to keep track of and manage. 

Don’t settle for a payday loan, a title loan, or other high-cost options. Instead, consider using Smart Advances.